Denim Day 2020: Spreading Hope & Light

Hi Everyone,

On this #denimday, in a world of social distancing and self-isolation, honoring survivors and challenging victim blaming are critical. This collective experience or trauma we are all navigating, impacts each of us to varying degrees. Those who have a trauma history may be experiencing a reactivation of those feelings of harm, fear, shame, or otherwise. Other survivors are experiencing a unique sense of calm, and still others are navigating a shift between all of those feelings and others.

There are survivors in your life, whether you know who they are or not. Sharing messages of hope and love is one way to support those who have experienced harm as they navigate their healing journey.

And with that, I hope to center hope and light in honoring denim day and survivors everywhere.

To those who have experienced harm: I believe you. Healing is not a linear process, and things may feel unsettled and uncertain. You have every right to show up as you are, in the ways you need, and that is perfectly valid. It’s ok if healing looks and feels different right now. It’s ok to put that healing on hold too, to ground yourself in this moment and focus your energy elsewhere. You are doing the best you can, with the tools you have, to navigate an uncertain and unsettled situation.

To that end, I’m smiling in this picture to center hope and light: hope that things will settle and find balance at some point in the future, and a reminder that there is light all around us.

How will you spread love and light today?

Take care,