Navigating Digital Consent & Boundaries

The Five 5W’s of Digital Consent: topics to explore to ensure safe and consensual digital intimacy by Priya Senecal, MA, LPC (CAPS), Johanna DeBari, MA (SACE Office), and Seirra Fowler, MPH, CHES (WesWell) Want to learn more about the 5Ws? Click here to watch the creators of this infographic unpack each question for navigating digital … Read more

New Title IX Regulations: Support & Solidarity

Hi Everyone, I hope this note finds y’all well and finding opportunities to practice self-care. The Department of Education just released the final Title IX regulations, outlining how schools are required to respond to instances of sexual harassment (including sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking). The documentation provided by the Department of Education is extensive … Read more

Finding Resources in Your Community

Community Resources As the academic year ends, here are some tips for connecting with resources in your community. Local Advocacy Resources Find your local advocacy center.  Find your local advocacy center via this RAINN Database. Advocacy centers provide advocacy and counseling services, sometimes including court advocacy, hospital accompaniment, and virtual support groups. They also have … Read more