4/9 Sarah Burden, “The Body of Sex”

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing to share some information about an upcoming event, sponsored by ASHA (Adolescent Sexual Health Advocates). Read more below and share widely within your networks!

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The Body of Sex is a paradigm-shifting sex education program rooted in body-awareness and emotionally-centered teaching. This approach bridges the gap between conversations about consent, sexual safety, and real life sexual experiences, so that students are better equipped to navigate the pressures and realities of their sexual lives on campus. Sarah’s programming is the missing link between assault risk management, pleasure education, and personal empowerment”

Come participate in honest and nonjudgmental about sexual pleasure, safety, and health facilitated by Sarah Byrden, an experienced sex educator who brings new ways of thinking about sex to college campuses across the country!!

See you in Allbritton 103 on Tuesday April 9th at 5pm! Feel free to reach out to Rebecca and Jess at asha.wesleyan@gmail.com for any questions or concerns!