Letter from Director: Self-Care & Relationships

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this message finds you well, amidst end of semester preparations and stress. This month, I’m thinking about self-care and relationships during the winter holiday season. For some folks, the holiday season means lots of parties, celebrations, reflections, gatherings, and other means of being in community with the people in our life we care about. For others, it can also bring added stress and anxiety for these very same events and interactions. For some folks, being in community fills us up and restores us, and for others spending time alone provides that same sense of rejuvenation.

In thinking of self-care as a multi-faceted process of restoring ourselves, one piece of our “self-care pie” is nurturing social connections and relationships; whether that is with friends, family, partners (platonic, romantic, sexual, or otherwise) or yourself! So this month, I write to encourage you to take care and spend more time with those whom fill you up, give you strength, and care for you. Social connection, friendship, love, and care can all be restorative resources, if they are stemming from a healthy and comfortable place for you. You have the right to spend your time with whomever you want: including yourself! So during your holiday meals or gatherings, be sure to slice yourself an extra slice of “self-care pie” in building your relationships.

To close out the semester, I’d also like to update you on some of our upcoming events:

Title IX Comment Writing Event
Thursday, December 6th from 4:00-7:00 pm, Downey House Lounge
Join us for a “drop-in event” to get information about submitting your own individual comments to the Department of Education, following the recent release of proposed Title IX regulations. Pizza will be served until we run out!
For more information and to RSVP visit our blog post on this event.

SACE Office Hours
Tuesday, December 11th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, Usdan 114
If you’re looking to learn more about the SACE Office, get information about resources for you or a friend, be sure to stop by and get connected. It would be great to meet you!

As a final note, the SACE Office will have modified office hours during winter break, shifting to a 9 am – 4 pm schedule.

With this, I wish you all the best for a successful end of the semester, and good luck on finals! I hope you have a happy holiday season and a restful, rejuvenating Winter Break.

Take care,
SACE Office Director